LU Innovations is on a mission to give every menstruator the confidence, knowledge and equipment to adventure whenever and wherever, safely and hygienically.

We want to ensure dreams, careers and ambitions are never hindered by periods.


This one is easy... we don't want to put up with pads becoming unstuck in the rain, being time-bound by tampons which put us at risk of toxic shock or getting UTI's from changing our products with dirty hands. We want better solutions than having to keep used products in a "doggy bag" or old dry bags. And we arn't the only ones:

77% of menstruators don’t feel their period products work for them

65% of menstruators in the construction industry feel their employer is failing to accommodate their needs

and 47% of girls stop participating in sports and outdoor activities when they start menstruating, having long term impacts on their confidence and ambitions.

It is time for this to change.


We design period products specifically for remote environments that look at the entire user journey, the before, during and after.

Designed to be sustainable, robust and easy to use.

Physical solutions aren't enough. We want to solve the problem at the root of the cause; going into schools, clubs and charities, talking about menstrual health in a positive and natural way.

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